Activists for peace (In Swedish: Aktivister för fred) uses this page to spread information and material.

Help us break the silence in relation to Ukraine

We work for peace on earth and peace with the earth.

ALL are invited to help and support our work and our campaigns.

We work on a voluntary basis. We lack government funding and we are neither sponsored by other actors. We cooperate with others for specific actions and sometimes we also gather voluntary contributions to our work.

Are YOU interested in actively contributing to our work? Do you want to use our material for information disclosure? Send an e-mail to aktivisterforfred(snabel-a)gmail.com and tell us what you want to do and how you can contribute.

The purpose of our association, according to the statutes, is expressed as:

The work focuses on reaching out on the streets and squares, popular education and publishing Ukrainabulletinen. The association emphasizes collaboration with other popular movements.

Activist for peace platform:

  • Peace on earth and peace with the earth.
  • Support for conflict resolution and yes to peace negotiations – no to war.
  • Yes to common security – no to rearmament.
  • Yes to investments for social justice and the environment – no to austerity policies in Ukraine, Europe and the world.

Activist for peace is supporting Odessa solidarity action and here we co-operate with others who share our solidarity with Odessa. More information can be found on the blog The World in Solidarity with Odessa.

Activists for peace also has a Swedish blog and a Facebook-page.