News from Ukraine on Facebook

Peace for Ukraine is a reasonably impartial news agency for the Finnish Peace Committee (in English, and on Facebook). As far as we know, there are few who are so well-informed on the spot and down to the smallest detail. See

Examples of news so far in April:

4.4. News of a child killed in Aleksandrovskaya is probably not reliable since the photo was taken in 2016.

4.4. The news of the killed child has been sent to the OSCE for investigation.

3.4. A man has been arrested in Barnaul, Russia, on charges of planning to blow up a mosque on behalf of a nationalist organization with Ukrainian roots.

3.4. The article by Anatol Lieven, see yesterday’s post on Activists for Peace

3.4. Villages near Gorlovka are said to be under fire, two houses hit.

2.4. The United Nations Human Rights Office calls on Ukraine to invest in better protection of healthcare workers.

1.4. A house in Aleksandrovka belonging to a family helping the Peace Committee has been shelled.

1.4. Detailed article on 160 US military personnel in Ukraine taken from

1.4. Aleksandrovka shelled again. The news passed on to the UN human rights organization.


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