Integrity Initiative links from around 40 countries and some Atlantic Council links – Part 3 of 4: Integrity Initiative, links sorted by countries

This is part 3 of 4 of Integrity Initiative links from around 40 countries and some Atlantic Council links. The list is compiled by Activists for peace on January 5, 2019. You can find reading tips and an overview of all the parts in this blogpost.

Content – Part 3 of 4

Countries and group of countries from A-U (List of countries and number of entries)

  • Azerbaijan 1
  • Australia 1
  • Austria 1
  • Bulgaria 1
  • Canada 6
  • China/Hongkong 1
  • Czechia 1
  • EU/Europe 3
  • Finland 1
  • France 1
  • Germany 10
  • Ghana 1
  • Greece 1
  • India 1
  • International 22
  • Ireland 2
  • Italy 2
  • Kazakhstan 1
  • Lithuania 1
  • Netherlands 4
  • New Zealand 1
  • Norway 19
  • Pakistan 2
  • Poland 4
  • Romania 2
  • Russia (selected smaller part) 20 
  • Serbia 1
  • Slovakia 1
  • Spain 10
  • Sweden 11
  • Switzerland 2
  • Uganda 1
  • Ukraine 2
  • United Kingdom – See Part 2 of 4: Selected UK and UK Integrity Initiative links
  • The United States 25

Azerbaijan – 1 link

Australia – 1 link

Stop World War III: Australian Alert Service: Integrity Initiative: Britain’s foreign interference machinery exposed

Austria – 1 link

Alexandra Bader, (30 December 2018), Integrity Initiative: Mit allen Mitteln gegen Russland

Bulgaria – 1 link

The Bulgarian Times – вашият виртуален всекидневник
Както е известно, в края на ноември 2018 хакерската мрежа Anonymous публикува редица материали, свързани с британския проект Integrity Initiative

Canada – 5 links

Paul Robinson, (25 November 2018), Lack of Integrity

Paul Robinson: Death by Natural causes

Paul Robinson, (20 December 2018), False Flag Confession (small notice at the end)

Mark Curtis, (28 December 2018) Twitter and the Smearing of Corbyn and Assange: A Research Note on the “Integrity Initiative”, Global Research, December 30, 2018

Authoritarian UK Government Is Funding Military Grade Psyops to Smear and Calumniate Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

“The War on Terrorism” is “Fake”: On the Need for Mass Social Mobilizations and Transformative Changes

China/Hongkong – 1 link

WikiLeaks finds “portion of fabricated” docs in hackers’ papers against Russian propaganda

Czechia – 1 link

Prokop Singer, 20 thDecember, Všichni jsou proruští trollové: Britský think tank The Institute for Statecraft a české Evropské hodnoty šíří fake news namířené proti demokratické levici.

EU/Europe – 3 links

Peace Lab Europe, 28 December, A worrisome tendency to coordinate smearing campaigns against peace movements and the left

Free West Media Staff (28 December 2018) UK info war against Russia targets young children,

Finland – 1 link


France – 1 link

Germany – 10 links

Florian Rötzler, (18 December 2018), Infowar oder Absurdistan: Britisches Außenministerium im Strudel der Desinformation

Integrity Initiative: Britische Beeinflussungskampagne gegen Russland?

„Integrity Initiative“: Das Britische Empire und die Ukraine-Provokation

Hacker veröffentlichten britische Anweisungen zur Bekämpfung der russischen Propaganda :: Politics :: RBC

Tagesdosis, (18 December 2018) Desinformation in Klumpen (Podcast)

20 December, NachDenkSeiten, Jens Berger, Die infokrieger im Dienste ihrer Majestät “Und die Medien Schweigen”

Jens Berger (20 December 2018) Die Infokrieger im Dienste ihrer Majestät, NachDenkSeiten [in German]

(21 December 2018), Für die pro-britischen Narrative: Die wahre Trollfabrik zur Beeinflussung europäischer Medien

Constanze Kurz (25 December 2018) Der hausgemachte Desinformationsskandal, Frankfurter Allgemeine [in German]

Einfache Standards, (28 December 2018), [Foreign Policy] Integrity Initiative, the Institute for Statecraft and the disinformation

Ghana – 1 link

RT program on Integrity Initiative among mainly US and Ghanian video news

Greece – 1 link

Νέα έγγραφα για το «Integrity Initiative» έφεραν στο φως οι Anonymous

India – 1 link


South Front (23 November 2018) Documents Confirm: UK Is Engaged In Large-Scale Secret Propaganda War Against Russia, South Front

South Front (10 December 2018) British Anti-Russian Propaganda Network Is Now Used To Target Jeremy Corbyn And Labour Party, South Front

South Front (17 December 2018) Hackers Uncover More Documents Throwing Light On British Propaganda Campaign Against Russia, South Front

South Front (19 December 2018) British Foreign Secretary Confirms Integrity Initiative Documents, Blames Russia For Everything, South Front

South Front, (24 December 2028), Theresa May thanks British military for protecting country from ”Russian intrusion” in 2018

Prime Minister’s 2018 Christmas Message to the Armed Forces:

(24 November 2018), British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns

Ex-Diplomat on UK Info War Plot: ‘London Becoming Butler to US MIC Interests’

Integrity Initiative: Organizing Neo-macarthyism and the new Cold War

«Integrity Initiative»: Lavrov déplore l’idéologie anti-russe d’une opération britannique présumée

Newly Released ‘Integrity Initiative’ Papers Include Proposal For Large Disinformation Campaigns

Labour furious over report that anti-Russia charity targeted Corbyn, receives govt cash

Attacking Corbyn to facilitate World War

No British outlet will work in Russia if London shuts down RT – Foreign Ministry

The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda

USA – McCarthy still alive!

(24 December 2018), The Institute for Statecraft, the arm of the United Kingdom in the battle for influence with Russia

(25 December 2018), The desperate efforts of the Western neoliberal establishment to build a new propaganda machine

Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris (31 December 2018) UK gov. funded ‘think tanks’ to smear Jeremy Corbyn and spread anti-Russian propaganda, The Duran [Video]

The Integrity InitiativeИнститут_государственного_управления

Ireland – 2 links

UK Labour Antiwar Campaigner Milne Next Target Of “Integrity Initiative” Exposed In Dossier By CyberGuerilla?

Italy – 2 links

La “Integrity Initiative”, ovvero il contrattacco comunicativo segreto del governo britannico. Disinformazione o realtà??

GB, le “fake news” di sua maestà

Kazakhstan – 1 link

Lithuania – 1 link

Politologas: lietuvių tikėjimas “bloga Rusija” kenkia jų interesams

Netherlands – 4 links

Waar zijn de Gehackte Integrity Initiative Bestanden te vinden?

Integrity Initiative is het grootste verhaal van 2018 – maar niet vanwege alles wat het deed

Afgang-analysis in Dutch

December 27, 2018, Kerstkransje: Wie heeft het nog over ‘Vrede op Aarde’?

New Zealand – 1 link

(29 November 2018) Media manipulation – the tail wags the do

Norway – 19 links

Terje Alnes, (13 November 2018), Erna Solberg fikk pris av Atlantic Council etter å ha gitt dem støtte

Pål Steigan, (25 November 2018), Den britiske regjeringa driver et hemmelig medieprogram for å sverte Russland

Pål Steigan, (30 November 2018), Atlantic Council foreslår terrorhandling mot Kertsj-brua

Thomas Vermes, (3 December 2019), Ledig jobb for russisk-norsk språkekspert til USAs militære i Norge

Pål Steigan, (10 December 2018), Atlantic Council advarer mot

Terje Alnes, (11 December 2018), TV2-journalist bak grove politiske anklager

Pål Steigan, (14 December 2018), Den britiske staten driver hemmelig finansiering av kampanjen mot Corbyn

Kari Angelique Jaquesson, (17 December 2018), Ikke le, da får Putin viljen sin! (reference to both II and AC)

Aslak Storaker, (19 December 2018), Atlantic Councils liste over femtekolonister og Beredskapslovene av 1950

Jo Røed Skårderud, (21 December 2018), Kåre Willoch avviser rapport-stempling av Frp, SV og Rødt som «pro-russiske»: Vil bli kvitt sanksjoner

Stian Nicolajsen and Kjetil Magne Sørenes, (22 December 2018), Avviser svakhet for Putin

Pål Steigan, (22 December 2018), Penner til salgs. Norske påvirkningsagenter.

Pål Steigan, (28 December 2018), Total medietaushet om kjempeskandale

Pål Steigan, (29 December 2018), Institute for Statecraft: – Vi er allerede i krig

Thomas Vermes, (2 January 2019), Integrity Initiative: Norske navn trukket inn i hemmelig nettverk for informasjonskrig mot Russland

Pål Steigan, (31 December 2019), Årskavalkade 2018(2): Om å trekke medienes trollsplinter ut av øynene

Pål Steigan, (3 January 2019), Integrity Initiative: Norske navn trukket inn i hemmelig nettverk for informasjonskrig mot Russland

Pål Steigan, (4 January 2019), Desinformasjon fra Atlanterhavskomiteen

Integrity Initiative, (leaked document 4 January 2019), Active Measures CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo

Pakistan – 2 links

UK State-Funded Institute Submitted 8 Complaints Against RT To UK’s Ofcom – Leaked Papers

Rukhshan Mir , Skripal Affair Becomes Spark To Reignite West’s Anti-Russia Campaign

Poland – 4 links

Anonymous ujawniają nowe dokumenty ws. Integrity Initiative

Wielka Brytania: rząd finansował antyrosyjskie fakenewsy. Szkalowano opozycję,wielka-brytania-rzad-finansowal-antyrosyjskie-fakenewsy-o-opozycji

Antiruská Propagandistická kampaň GB Integrity Initiative – dokumenty-

Walka służb: Niewidzialni wojownicy toczą walkę w sieci

Romania – 2 links

Hackerii Anonymous au spart serverele: Au publicat date secrete din proiectul Integrity Initiative, Cristi Șelaru, Redactor

S-a țăcănit propaganda „corect politic”…

Russia – 20 selected links of many links

Russia Today, 24 december, Why is paid Integrity Initiative hitman Ben Nimmo still used as ‘independent’ expert by MSM

Russia Today, 24 December, Integrity Initiative: ‘Army of propagandists disguised as anti-propagandists’

Anonymous назвали “немецких участников” сети Integrity Initiative

Russia Today (19 December 2018) ‘Striking images to help public relate’: UK Integrity Initiative’s post-Skripal psyop leaked, RT

New batch of ‘Integrity Initiative’ leaks reveal military ties & effort to infiltrate European media

Do it CIA style: What you need to know about latest leak on UK-funded psyop

Integrity Initiative is the biggest story of 2018 – but not because of anything it did

RT France: Une ONG anti-propaganda épingtée pour proximité, une ONG avec l’ÓTAN

The story that brought much criticism against Sputnik:

‘Harassment that may put lives at risk’: British journalist slams the Times for doxing Sputnik staff. Published time: 24 Dec, 2018

Russia Today (4 January 2019) ‘Operation Iris’ & more: New documents tie Integrity Initiative to spin of Skripal affair, RT

24 December 2018, Martin McCauley weighs in on Sputnik saga

Russian embassy urges London to clarify Integrity Initiative

“World outlook totalitarianism”: in Russia, commented on the publication of data of Sputnik journalists in The Sunday Times, 2018-12-24–%22world-outlook-totalitarianism%22–in-russia–commented-on-the-publication-of-data-of-sputnik-journalists-in-the-sunday-times-.SJmWuqRe4.html

Radio Sputnik Moscow – UK Institute for Statecraft Integrity Initiative

In spanish:

Serbia – 1 link

1 January 2019, Koriste sva sredstva! Ovo su svi planovi Britanije u Srbiji, i neće se smiriti dok ih ne ostvare!

Slovakia – 1 link

Hackeri zverejnili nové dokumenty o tajnom projekte Integrity Initiative. Pravda pomaly vypláva na povrch

Spain – 8 links

29 November El MI6 está desesperado por evitar la desclasificación de documentos que demuestran su papel en la fabricación de Russiagate

1 December Operación Moncloa: Traidores españoles en el programa de guerra híbrida del Reino Unido para evitar el nombramiento del coronel Baños

5 December Filtran más documentos del proyecto de desinformación británico Integrity Initiative. En evidencia la falsedad de la “injerencia rusa” en Cataluña

11 December, El proyecto antirruso Integrity Initiative fue usado también contra el líder laborista británico

16 December Filtran los planes del Reino Unido para bloquear con minas la base de Sebastopol antes de la votación de Crimea para unirse a Rusia

19 December, “Guerra de información”: Anonymous sigue destapando la campaña de “injerencia en política interna”

31 December, El gobierno Británico financia Notícias Falsas en España – Anonymous – British Govt finances Fake News

Sweden – 11 links

Marcello Ferrada de Noli, (27 November 2018), How UK’s Integrity [disinformation] Initiative backfires?

Anders Romelsjö, (2 December 2018), Sverige deltar i Storbritanniens hemliga program för att svartmåla Ryssland. Vilka svenskar?, Global Politics

Anders Romelsjö, (3 December 2018), Desinformation av rysk desinformation av Martin Kragh, samordnare i Integrity Initiative, Global Politics

Anders Romelsjö, (9 December 2018), Mäktigaste Nato-siten Atlantic Council uppmärksammar mig och min blogg. Smickrande?, Global Politics

Torbjörn Sassersson, (9 December 2018), Atlantic Council ser Kremltroll i NewsVoice

Hans Wåhlberg, (16th December 2018), NATOS:s trojanska hästar

Carl Meurling, (21st December 2018), Sveriges Rysslandspolitik styrs utifrån | Skånska Dagbladet Opinion

Emma Lundström, (21 December 2018), Brittisk trollkvarn med svensk anknytning – Internationalen

Jan Wiklund, (1 January 2019) Agentvärlden är alltid lika sjuk

Aktivister för fred, (27  December 2018), The purpose of the Integrity Initiative and what it does – We are all in an ongoing war according to Chris Donnelly, founder and director of The Institute for Statecraft and former NATO advisor

Swedish sources via foreign media

UK’s Integrity Initiative Revelation May Lead To Improvement Of Russia-EU Relations – NGO

Switzerland – 2 links

24 November 2018, Anonymous svela ‘rete anti Russia’ (sda-ats)–rete-anti-russia-/44568710

Swiss propaganda research, Die »Integrity Initiative«

Uganda – 1 link

“The War on Terrorism” is “Fake”: On the Need for Mass Social Mobilizations and Transformative Changes

Ukraine – 2 links

United Kingdom

See Part 2 of 4: Selected UK and UK Integrity Initiative links

The United States – 25 links

Tyler Durdan, (27 November 2018), Anonymous Exposes UK-Led Psyop To Battle “Russian Propaganda”

Dependent, (24 November 2018), British Government’s Secret Network: Integrity Initiative Debunked by Anonymous

Moon of Alabama (24 November 2018) British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns,

Moon of Alabama (December 13, 2018)

Moon of Alabama (14 December 2018) Newly Released ‘Integrity Intitiative’ Papers Include Proposal For Large Disinformation Campaigns

Moon of Alabama (15 December 2018) The ‘Integrity Initiative’ – A Military Intelligence Operation, Disguised As Charity, To Create The “Russian Threat”

Mike Robinson, (3 December 2018), Integrity Initiative: A Look Into the Deep State?

Alejandro López (6 December 2018) Hackers reveal British government’s interference in Spanish politics, World Socialist Web Site

Ian Shilling (17 December 2018) The #Russiagate Hoax and the “Integrity Initiative” to Gaslight the public with more “Russia Threat” lies, Investment Watch

Paul Craig Roberts, (November 27, 2018), Anglo-American Psy-op Agency Exposed

Margaret Kimberley, (19 December 2018), Black Agenda Report: Freedom Rider: UK and US PSYOP Collusion

Philip M. Giraldi, (20 December 2018), Strategic Culture: Influencing Foreigners Is What Intelligence Agencies Do

Newsbuzz admin, (21 December 2018), Was institute for statecraft behind ofcoms targeting of RT sleuthspoint to yes

Patrick Armstrong, (21 December 2018), Psychoanalysing NATO: The Diagnosis

Philip Giraldi, (23 December 2018), Influencing Foreigners

Aaron Maté, (28 December 2018), New Studies Show Pundits Are Wrong About Russian Social-Media Involvement in US Politics

Far from being a sophisticated propaganda campaign, it was small, amateurish, and mostly unrelated to the 2016 election.

Derek Royden, (30 December 2018), Exposing the Integrity Initiative

Mohamed Elmaazi (30 December 2018), Ep 83 Temple of Covert Propaganda (Part 1)

Mohamed Elmaazi , (31 December 2018), Ep 84 Temple of Covert Propaganda (Part 2)

Peter Schwarz, (31 December 2018), Der Spiegel’s counterfeit journalism and the campaign against “fake news”

Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan, (2 January 2019), As 2019 Begins, 2020 Presidential Politics Get in Swing

Jimmy Dore show, (3 January 2019), British Spy Found Inside Bernie Sanders Campaign,

Matthew Jamison, (4 January 2019), The Not So Special US-UK Relationship

Moon of Alabama (4 January 2019) ‘Integrity Initiative’ – New Documents From Shady NGO Released [This is a brief piece on the new release, but it has encouraged readers’ comments, a number of which make for interesting reading]


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